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What is the Ransomware threat?

Cyber crime is the biggest single threat to small and mid-sized businesses and ransomware is the most common form of attack.

In 2022 there were 500 million ransomware attacks, but affordable cyber-insurance is increasingly hard to find.

WIthout insurance or a warranty, the impact to small and mid-sized businesses can be devastating – business functions frozen, confidential data leaked, clients' confidence lost, the regulator taking action…

Meanwhile cyber crime continues to evolve and attacks are increasingly sophisticated.

The most significant threat facing citizens and small businesses continued to be from cyber crime... Official figures revealed there were 2.7m cyber-related frauds in the 12 months to March 2022.

NCSC Annual Review 2022

What does Counter-Ransomware™ offer?

The C-RW team offers a complete solution to help manage ransomware and other cyber security risks before, during and after an attack. This includes:

  1. Ransomware Warranty: a £500,000 rapid-reimbursement warranty to help you deal with a ransomware attack or business email compromise (BEC) incident.
  2. Cyber Expertise: each member of the C-RW™ team started in National Security, reaching the upper levels of intelligence or military special operations. No other company offers this level of experience and in-depth expertise.
  3. Integrated Solution: everything your company needs, from resilience building to incident response and post-attack remediation, is all in one place and delivered to you seamlessly.

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